Be the Captain of your Life,
Navigate with Confidence, Freedom & Joy.  

Clarity of Focus, Direction & Momentum
Alignment of Intention, Values & Goals
Confidence in Living With Purpose and Leading With Passion


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Are You Just Weathering Through
The Storm Of Life?


Life can seem like a series of unending storms.


Are you struggling with your important relationships?  Are you not giving your closest connections enough time, energy, and attention? 

Or do you take care of everyone else first, and rarely have time to care for your own personal needs?

Do you feel guilty having to chose between your important relationships and your work or career?

Are you unable to relax, even on your vacation days or spending time with your family?

Do you feel disconnected from your passion for your work, or your life's purpose?

Or do you have a destination in mind, but feel stuck and unable just get started?

Do you feel frustrated and want more clarity, more consistency and confidence?

Are you so exhausted that you cannot enjoy the fruits of your work?

Is your life an endless storm of work, pressure, & deadlines with no end in sight?


Success should not cost you the things that you value the most.


If you are serious about sailing out of your personal storm, we can help you re-connect with your own personal power to take command of your life. You will learn how to create your own Navigational Maps and begin charting a course to your new life.

Imagine how it would feel to lift the burden of indecision, be energized with renewed confidence to navigate any storm that arises.  When you have now mastered the transition from turbulent waters to calmer seas to guiltlessly and fully enjoy your your relationships, and work, and you!  Having rediscovered your personal power, you are now on your way to living your life on course and with purpose.

 Don’t abandon your ship – You can take command of your life and navigate toward smoother sailing.

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Chart Your Course


to Evolve, Expand and Grow

Your life of purposeful living starts with making an intentional, conscious choice of the destination that you are seeking.  

the Captain of Your Life

Take back the helm of your own personal life direction and set your course.

and Live

With Clarity, Confidence, Purpose, and Joy


Jump On Board Now!

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Hi, I'm Kimberly Allain

I am a business coach, Life Coach, and Certified High Performance Coach™ with over 20 years experience helping individuals and organizations uncover and embrace their passion, see their vision more clearly, and find effective ways to realize those dreams.

I believe that each of us has the ability to have the personal and professional life that we desire, through knowing and operating as our best self.  Through this we each find a greater a sense of purpose, greater levels of energy and confidence, and joy.

Through Allain Solutions, I am honored to do my life work of helping others find their passion, motivation, and grow into amazing individuals.

Plot The Course:
Create Your Path to Purposeful Living

Live in the present moment, with dignity and purpose

Increase your focus, insight, confidence and growth

Align your thoughts, behaviors and actions with your purpose, values and goals

Live inspired and committed to our own transformation

Take daily action living the life you want with joy

Make the choices to turn your dreams into reality

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Jillian Robinson


Betsy Davidson


Flavia Lemos


Jasmin Kuster

I have had the privilege of working with Kimberly Allain for 10+ years. The benefits I have experienced are boundless. She is tenacious in displaying true acceptance, meeting people where they are at, while partnering with them to achieve their full potential. Kimberly has the gift of assisting people from being stuck to moving forward with clarity. She does not seem to know what tunnel vision is! She works moving with fluidity versus rigidity whether working with a group or an individual. Kimberly does not attempt to put others in a box. However, she does effectively use skills to walk with individuals or groups through their different doors; never approaching a door that can't be opened. Once an individual or group forms clarity and achieves the goals they desire it may not be the goal they initially thought they desired. That is the beauty of working with Kimberly: one can change midstream and she paddles alongside; calmly but with intention. The primary privilege of working with Kimberly Allain is that she assists in the internalizations of one’s self-worth and infinite abilities. There is no judgment. There is strong conviction of the rights and straightforward honoring of others.

Sue Blayre-White
Blayre Agency LLC



There have been two major breakthroughs I've made in engaging in coaching. The first has been to get insight from someone else's perspective on what I'm doing and receiving feedback for raising my level of performance. The second is helping me, be accountable for what I said that I will do. Although the accountability is really for me and my performance, it is exceedingly helpful to know that someone else has heard what I said I was going to do.

One of the results has been in managing the activities and priorities I do on a daily basis. Specifically, I have been able to see the distractions and to change course to produce increased levels of effectiveness and have received positive feedback from my clients.

I have recommended to others to engage in the coaching in order to produce greater results than if I do it on my own. I have seen many professionals who have coaches, and they have improved their game beyond what they thought they could accomplish.

Kim Rails
CEO, REii, Inc.


Kimberly has the knowledge, coaching experience, and insight that has helped me find my best self. She brought me from a negative business relationship through to a mindset of seeing the world through a wide-angle lens with unlimited possibilities. She has helped me gain the clarity I craved to move my business forward. 

Barb Young
Premier Performance LLC


Recently I have been really invested in the personal and professional development realm. Once I reached a certain point in my practice I knew I needed to gain more perspective, and guidance. I needed another set of eyes. That’s exactly when I met Kimberly. Funny how the universe does that. From the time I met her to now, my entire life has changed. Finding someone who just gets you is very rare.

From her high energy to her silly analogies, working with her has been an absolute pleasure. Her upbeat manner and positivity make the conversations flow smoothly and make each session fun and exciting. After each session I am left inspired, determined, and focused. I know exactly where I need to go and what I need to do, thanks to Kimberly’s guidance and insight. She has transformed my life in so many ways and I am forever grateful for that!

Rachel Wolford
Teacher & Fitness Coach


I was in a difficult moment of my journey when I met Kimberly. She was telling me “Flavia, you can really be the captain of your boat”. But I didn’t know exactly where I was going. I knew my goal, but didn’t know how to get there. Since we started the coaching program, she has been giving me valuable tools on how I can use my expertise and leverage that. Every week when we talk, I see something new about myself and I take advantage of this. This way, I’ve been achieving my goals faster. Nowadays I’m waking up earlier even in the weekends. I have my morning routine: meditation, stretch, gym, visualizations. I have a plan for my day. I’m aware of my thoughts, I manage myself doubt. I feel more productive, more connected to my clients and my company is growing. Thank you Kimberly, you’re a huge inspiration in my life. If I could, I’d give a little piece of you to everyone.

Flavia Lemos
Marketing Strategist & Branding Expert


I cannot say enough wonderful things about working with Kimberly for the past several months as my personal Certified High Performance Coach. When we started, I already had some prior awareness of the content and concepts that we would likely be covering, I was already familiar with some of the concepts & practices to improve my self development. 

However, from day one of working with Kimberly, she was able to help me see insights and ways of applying these concepts, frameworks and ideas that previously I had not seen. That is her magic power - she helps you understand and see how to apply the coaching ideas and practices in ways you do not see by yourself. She does not give you her ideas or advice. Instead, through her insight, wisdom, and her experience from working with others, she helps you through her questions and challenges to discover your answers that are true and right for you at this point in your life. 

If you have the opportunity to work with Kimberly, whether personally or in a group setting, I recommend that you jump at the chance. It would be time well spent. 

Carl A.