Meet Kimberly Allain

 Kimberly is a trainer, Life coach and Certified High Performance Coach™ with 20 years experience engaging individuals and organizations to embrace their passion, see the vision and realize it through action. She has the passionate belief that we have the ability to have the personal & professional life we desire. It is in knowing and operating as our best self that we experience a greater sense of purpose, increase your levels of energy, confidence, motivation, influence, impact, results, satisfaction and joy.

She created Allain Solutions to… provide coaching, consulting and training services that support the growth and development of people and organizations to be their best selves. Happiness, success and profitability are directly connected to our ability to draw forth the best from, with and for each other. To move to the next level, we need to develop mastery in how to do that for ourselves and others.

She engages her clients to be courageous and assist them in accessing their best self and tools them up to actualize their goals. 

Kimberly brings her passion, expertise, and experience into the work that she does. So, get ready to engage fully and take action. Your dreams are in your hands, let’s make them happen!